Homeowners Can Learn a Variety of Easy Ways to Conserve Energy and Save Money in the Home via a FREE Summer Webinar Series Hosted by E3 Building Concepts

July 7, 2010, Raleigh, NC – Have you always thought that you’d like to make your home and lifestyle more energy efficient, but feel it’s too daunting a task? Do you think your home is too ____ (old, poorly built, big, small) to even make the effort?

Think again! Energy efficiency has to do with both using the right products (big and small) AND the awareness and habits of you and your family, as well. E3 Building Concepts is excited to announce its first in a series of Webinars that educate the homeowner about simple ways to cut energy costs, regardless of the size and age of the home. This first in the series will be offered on Tuesday, July 13, 2010 at noon ET. Those interested can sign up via E3’s Website, at http://www.E3-NC.com.

“We’re excited to offer this series of Webinars,” said Grey Isley, owner of E3. “Many homeowners  – whether they have new or old homes – typically feel as if the efforts needed to make their home more energy efficient would be expensive and insurmountable. However, that’s typically not true.

“We’re offering this series so the typical homeowner can be educated to understand that many efficiencies begin with habits they don’t even know that they should change – and how there are changes they can make today that can make a difference in energy and savings!”

Participant numbers are limited, so please register today!

Upcoming Webinars in the series: Insulation: Myths, Facts, and Options (August); Getting the Most from Your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) System (September); Realistic and Reasonable Alternative Energy Options for Your Home (October).

About E3 Building Concepts
E3 Building Concepts (http://www.e3-nc.com), based in the Triangle and Triad areas of North Carolina, provides a variety of services for both the homeowner and builder that are centered around a core competency in energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and overall home health and value. Services include home energy audits, indoor air quality testing and consultation, ENERGY STAR rating, sustainability consulting, and home inspections. Grey Isley, owner of E3 Building Concepts, has been in the building science industry for more than eight years, and started the company because of the need for both homeowners and builders to have one reliable and quality-oriented resource for accurate and objective assessment and consultation on indoor environmental needs, from A to Z. For more information, see the company’s Website at http://www.e3-nc.com, or call 919-928-5224.

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