Home Inspections

With years of experience in the construction industry, the professionals at E3 have seen a large number of home problems and deficiencies. Our home inspection service relies on this experience to bring you the most comprehensive inspection we are able to provide. We offer several different types of inspection for the home, whether you are buying, selling, or just want your current home checked.

Our inspections include:

Pre-purchase Inspections
Seller Inspections
Home Efficiency Inspections
Indoor Air Quality Inspections
Home Maintenance Inspections

The most common inspection is the pre-purchase inspection, which is attained for the buyer prior to purchasing a home. The quality of these inspections vary greatly, but at E3 Building Concepts, we promise to bring you a thorough and objective inspection. With our experience, we are able to distinguish between simple aging of the home or systems and serious structural or safety issues.

The top ten identified problems that typically come up during a home inspection include:

  1. Poor drainage
  2. Faulty wiring
  3. Roof leaks
  4. Unsafe heating system
  5. Poorly maintained home
  6. Minor structural damage
  7. Plumbing problems
  8. Air and water leaks around door and windows
  9. Inadequate ventilation
  10. Environmental hazardC

Contact us today, so E3 can provide you with the best and most thorough home inspection you can buy!