Did you know that your home can be a greater source of pollution than your car? In fact, 16 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions are generated from the energy used in houses nationwide.

Energy used in our homes often comes from the burning of fossil fuels at power plants, which contributes to smog, acid rain, and global warming. Simply put, the less energy we use in our homes, the less air pollution we generate.

In addition to environmental friendliness, the less energy you use for heating, cooling, and water heating, the more money you save. A highly efficient home can easily deliver $200 to $400 in annual savings; over the average 7 to 8 years you may live in your home, this adds up to thousands of dollars saved on utility bills, as well as substantial savings on maintenance! Financing your home purchase using an energy-efficient mortgage can also lead to savings.

However, home buying is complex enough without having to know all the details of energy-efficient construction. The government-backed Energy Star label easily identifies homes that are truly energy efficient. An Energy Star home is a home that has been certified by a HERS rater to be at a minimum 15% more energy efficient than the current building code standard, which includes:

  • Sealing the home properly to help prevent air movement between the interior and exterior
  • Efficient insulation – the better the installation, the better the home will rate on the Energy Star scale
  • Passing a leakage check
  • Energy-efficient appliances and other home features.

Properly installed energy-efficient improvements deliver better protection against cold, heat, drafts, moisture, pollution, and noise. An energy-efficient home helps ensure consistent temperatures between and across rooms, improved indoor air quality, and greater durability.

We partner with builders across the area for Energy Star ratings for the houses they build!

As a builder, if you can get Energy Star certification for the homes you build, you’ll have:

  • Increased profit in satisfying the growing demand of today’s homeowners to save energy. Some buyers will use projected energy savings to pay for additional, high-value upgrades. Energy Star builder partners also report reduced customer callbacks and fewer warranty claims.
  • Enhanced home buyer satisfaction. Help your customers save money and energy every month, create a comfortable home, and protect our environment. The quality features built into Energy Star-qualified homes leads to lasting value, increased customer satisfaction, and more referrals.
  • Reduced liability. EPA’s rigorous guidelines and third-party inspections and testing help reduce liability issues. New standards help builders avoid common construction defects such as air leakage, improperly installed insulation, and missing air barrier details that can result in drafts, uncomfortable temperatures, and moisture problems.
  • Increased recognition. Associate your company with a nationally recognized, trusted program to create market advantage. Partnering with EPA distinguishes your company as a leader in efficient construction, craftsmanship, and environmental stewardship. Americans recognize the Energy Star as the mark for high efficiency.

E3 is licensed to certify homes for builders. We want to partner with you, the builder, to ensure your houses are the utmost in efficiency!

Contact us today to see how E3 can help you with your energy efficiency service needs.