Energy Audits

House drawing showing energy leaks

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 Your home or office is not made up of singular items.  Your walls, floors, ceilings, HVAC and many more all work together to make up the building. The components of your home or office interact with each other and together affect your energy usage, comfort and indoor air quality. 

 E3 Building Concepts understands how these components work together to affect your home or office. Issues with a building can be a result of several issues and can cause the building to be less energy efficient, or even result in fungal growth or structural failure. We have the ability to help assess issues in these areas and help place you in the right direction to create a better and more efficient building. 

Individuals look to have energy audits performed for several different reasons. Whether you are comfort isssues,  high energy bills or just want to help the environment we can help, our professionals will provide you with an extensive audit that encompasses your entire home. We will perform thermal imaging, leakage test, combustion analysis and submit all our findings in a thorough report. 

What is an Energy Audit?

An energy audit is a technical evaluation of your home or building as a system.  During an audit an auditor will evaluate the systems of the building that affect energy efficiency and comfort.  The evaluated areas include insulation, air leakage, appliance and electrical usage, HVAC and water usage.  An audit will typically consist of a visual evaluation of these areas and blower door test.  Some auditors provide additional services such as thermal imaging and quantative duct leakage evaluation.

Many organizations, including home inspectors, are currently offering home energy audits. An energy audit is more than an inspection.  It is an evaluation of the systems that comprise the building.  To perform a proper energy audit one must understand how these systems interact and what can be done to increase their efficiency and performance.  One of the most important things an auditor must understand is how changes to one system can affect another.  Just recommending improvements is not enough, an auditor must understand that changing one system may adversely impact another.  The auditor must also understand the financial, comfort or environmental  benefits that the improvementshave.  Recommendations must be made based upon comfort, financial or environmental criteria.  Just because a manufacture states an improvement can save you money does not necessarily mean it is a financially acceptable improvement.  Improvement decisions that are recommended based on financial criteria are based upon the initial investment and how quickly you will get a return on your money.

The professionals at E3 understand the aspects of a professional audit.  Our professionals provide exceptional service with extensive knowledge of our field. With E3, you will receive:

  • Trained and experienced professionals
  • BPI and HERS Certified auditors
  • Independent analysis (our professionals are not looking to generate business through repairs)
  • Building Modeling
  • Quantative and qualitative performance testing of the building envelope and HVAC systems
  • Building system evaluations (including attics and crawlspaces)
  • Combustion Analysis and Safety Checks
  • Thermal imaging 
  • A detailed report, including photos, listing findings and recommendations based upon ROI and Payback 


Why have an Energy Audit?

In 2001, each American household spent an average of $1493 on energy to heat, cool, and power their homes. With rising fuel cost, our utility bills continue to rise, so every year this number continues to increase as our income remains more constant. While many people are looking to their vehicles to conserve money and energy, the number one area of energy consumption is overlooked – our home and business.  Two-thirds of our homes are over 25 years old.  Building style and energy focus has changes significantly since these homes were been built.  An audit can help reduce your utility bills and increase your comfort.  An additional benefit is the good you will be doing to help preserve the environment.

Energy audit benefits for homeowners: 

  • Lowered energy cost
  • Increased level of comfort
  • Confidence in the increased performance of your home
  • Location of hidden maintenance issues 
  • Decreased carbon footprint and environmental impact


E3 Building Concepts also provides Energy Star Verification. E3 is an Energy Star® partner and has won awards in our efforts to verify Energy Star homes.  To find out more about Energy Star homes and the verification process please see the Energy Star Section of our website.

Contact us today to see how E3 can help you with your energy efficiency service needs.